Unique Promotional Items

Regardless of your businesses place within the cannabis industry, chances are you have experienced the same hurdles each of us has faced at least once along your journey, and have found that some of the most effective marketing any cannabis industry business can engage in is still "Promotional Giveaway Items"

Here at Legend Promotions, we have assembled some of the most unique and effective promotional items geared directly at cannabis consumers.

Whether its a grinder, rolling papers, or a pipe to fit ANY budget, our team has something for you.  Want something entirely unique?  We do that too!  With an in house glass production studio, as well as various manufacturing  and distribution relationships, creating unique, custom promotional items is what we do best!

Let our team of marketing pro's get creative, and see what we can do to help you set the pace not just keep it.

Retail Brand Solidification

Our Marketing experts understand the importance of putting the burn in your brand, and the impact brand recognition plays on your success.

With so much competition in our industry, standing out from the crowd certainly can be a challenge.  Thats why we have dedicated professionals who will ensure brand alignment and distinction in an explosive market.

Taking measures at every step of your operation to solidify brand recognition, and ensure each transaction leaves a memorable impact.

Custom Wholesale Packaging Solutions

We make it easy to own your own brand. Increase your perceived value to customers with our custom packaging solutions. Packaging that stands out from the crowd sells more product!
We have done our homework, so that you can focus on running your actual business, instead of trying to source packaging.

Wether you have  1 or 100 products in your line, we can assure you brand unity as well as product distinction.  No more cookie cutter labeling, and white labeling tactics of old.  We help you build legitimate brand offerings, with legs for wholesale growth.


Full Service Marketing Solutions

Full scale and turnkey customizable marketing solutions for all budgets.

From brand creation and website design, to point of purchase signage we have solutions for retail and wholesale businesses that want to convert and retain customers.

Our marketing experts have decades of experience in the cannabis industry with a proven track record of success.

So, whether your revamping an existing brand or launching a new one, we have solutions that will work for you.

Marketing That Gets Passed Around, Not Passed Over.

That's our commitment to our customers!

We provide not only the best promotional items, but also consulting, and strategies tailored specifically for our industry. Most importantly, we make the process simple, and your success measurable!

We assembled our POWER TEAM, and offer our customers nearly a century of SUCCESSFUL, real world, experience in The Headshop industry, Retail, Branding, Advertising, and Marketing. We have a unique and diverse background  that allows us to bring unparalleled experience to the table!

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Next Steps...

Want a free quote for ANY of our products or services?  Simply have questions to see if Legend Promotions is right for you?  Contact one of our knowledgable marketing gurus today!