About Us

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Our Approach

When it comes to advertising and branding in the cannabis industry, how do you set yourself apart? Where do you find products and services geared to suit your business? What works and what doesn’t? It can be a challenge to navigate, and you still have a business to run…

You need marketing that get’s passed around, not passed over!

At Legend Promotions, our cannabis industry experts aren’t green! We aren’t one of these new to the industry marketing firms looking to cash in on the “Green Rush”.

We are cannabis and counter culture enthusiasts! Each of us with a unique track record of success in the industry. We bring decades of experience to the table for the brands we work with, and their success shows! Let us take the guess work out of marketing your business, so you can focus on what’s important. Growing your business!


Our Story

With his experience in the headshop industry,  founder Tim Martin has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to marketing. It’s something that every business needs, but something that can be very limited and challenging for those of us in the cannabis industry.

As a headshop owner just starting out, Tim had to be creative with his marketing approach. During those early years he learned what actually worked, versus what was just wasting his valuable time and limited marketing dollars.

Fast forward about a decade, and Tim found himself not only with a successful chain of Herb N Legend stores, but also a wholesale glass company, Herb ‘N Legend Glassworks. As the industry grew and gave way to medical and recreational cannabis, he noticed a trend. Many of the dispensary customers from his wholesale business were going through many of the same growing pains that he had gone through. He saw an opportunity to provide real solutions to his customers, and assembled his team. Thus Legend Promotions was born!

Meet the Team

At Legend Promotions, we have a assembled a team of some of the best cannabis industry experts.

With real life experience drawing from horticulture, manufacturing, brand development, packaging, telemarketing, graphic design, marketing analytics, SEO, social media management, product development and prototyping.

We have in-house experts to make sure our work stands unparalleled.


Tim Martin

Founder & CEO

Tim brings over a decade of cannabis industry experience, with a track record of proven success in both the retail and wholesale marketplaces, as well as the manufacturer of numerous industry brands, ranging from nutraceuticals to scientific glass.

Tim has dedicated his life to the cannabis industry, and continually strives to set the pace for an emerging marketplace.


Jeremy 'JROC' Nosrati

Brand Ambassador & COO

A long-time lover and supporter of Reggae music, Jeremy left his career as a well-respected chef to pursue his passion for the music industry. Since, he has worked intimately with some of the biggest names in the Reggae industry providing merchandise services for artists like Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, Sublime With Rome, 311, Katchafire, to just name a few.

With experiences now spanning from an executive position with Merchwide Inc. and leading the charge on US/Foreign market merchandise facilitation to the role of Operations Manager for the legendary, Don Carlos, Jeremy's certainly made his impact on the music world.

By combining years of experience in the hospitality, merchandise and entertainment industries, he has made some BIG plans for the future.  Now having launched JROC LIVE and partnering with Legend Promotions with goals of completely changing marketing, merchandise, and promotions forever.

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Sarah Ihori

Creative & CFO

Originally from the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Sarah comes to us with a truly eclectic background.  With a degree in Philosophy from Arizona State University, Sarah comes from a family of financial planners.  Having worked in a variety of fields including auto finance, retail service management, and production management, she brings an incredible arsenal of skills to our organization.

Next Steps...

Shoot us an email and introduce yourself! We can’t wait to learn about your business and how we can help take things to the next level!